Wow Homebuyers with Dana’s Housekeeping

The dedicated team at Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service understands that selling a home is hard work. You aren’t always given the very best to work with, but it is your job to make it shine and get the most you can for the seller. You have to stage the home, bump up its curb appeal, take great photos, write persuasive listings, host open houses, and do everything you can to change that sign to read “SOLD.”

What else must be done? You need to make sure the home is clean and pristine. You need to project to potential buyers the impression that the home has been cherished and expertly maintained by the seller. You also want them to fantasize about living in that home. Achieving these goals means giving the property a thorough cleaning before any photo session and prior to every showing. Such an extensive project requires a lot of work, which is why Dana’s Housekeeping’s cleaning services for Realtors is the perfect match for your real estate cleaning needs.

Why Are Cleaning Services for Realtors a Necessity?

Keeping a home clean and organized is an enormous task. As a realtor, you no doubt have many properties that you need to keep in showcase condition, ready to show to potential buyers at a moment’s notice. That means putting a lot of time and effort into keeping the properties clean, which is not something you can manage while also taking care of all the other things that are on your plate. And, as you have probably discovered, you cannot count on the homeowners to get it done. Potential homebuyers need to walk into a beautiful space; they should not feel as though they are looking at purchasing a to-do list instead of a home.

Dana’s Housekeeping allows you to take this burden off of your shoulders and makes the properties you are representing more marketable with our professional and dedicated cleaning services for realtors. You get to show homes that look immaculately maintained and perfect to live in without ever needing to lift a finger. Once you start working with us, you will wonder how you ever survived without us.

How Can Dana’s Housekeeping Help You?

No matter what level of cleaning service you require, we can connect you with a housekeeper or housekeeping team who can handle the task. All of the workers registered with our agency are talented and dedicated to their job. While you no doubt expect that our housekeepers are able to provide basic cleaning services, they are able to go above and beyond a typical home cleaning.

In addition to typical tasks, such as sanitizing, dusting and vacuuming, our housekeepers will organize the closets and pantries, and even work with non-traditional areas of the home, such as the garage and patio spaces. They can even help with dishes and laundry if your homeowners are still living in the property and too busy to stay on top of everything. When you use Dana’s Housekeeping, you ensure that all areas of the home are ready to show.

Many of our housekeepers are also happy to help with other domestic tasks. We have housekeepers who can help you host an open house, welcome guests, serve them food and beverages, and clean up once the event is over. If there are repairs that need to be made at the property, they can meet the repair personnel at the house and be your eyes as the work is completed. They can even run errands for you to help you check a few items off of your to-do list.

For at least the initial cleaning, you will likely want a detailed cleaning to be completed. This process will wipe away the dirt and grime that has escaped regular cleaning or has built up while the home has been unoccupied.

What Makes Dana’s Housekeeping Special?

In our opinion, there are many things that make Dana’s Housekeeping special. As the largest housekeeping referral agency network in California, we have the widest reach in the industry. We are also one of the oldest agencies in the area, which means that we have a powerful reputation behind us. The service we offer is professional, affordable, and designed to meet your needs.

One aspect of our service that is invaluable to our realtor clients is that we guarantee our service. This means that we promise that the results will meet or exceed your expectations. We ensure that you will receive your service, even if your scheduled housekeeper has an emergency or is ill.

Another important aspect of our service is that we work to make sure we match you with the housekeeper who can best meet your needs and expectations. Dana’s local office manager will be your account manager, and will always be available to personally assist you, referring the right housekeeper for the job. When you contact us, we will interview you to understand exactly what it is you require. We will use this to create a client profile that we can match to our housekeeper profiles, ensuring that you are connected with a cleaner who is the perfect fit for you. We have housekeepers that can work with properties around children and pets, with allergy or asthma sufferers, and in pretty much any circumstance. Whatever special requirements you have, we can help.

We are able to guarantee our service and meet your needs because our local offices have been established throughout California for decades, resulting in the wide reach of our network. Our reputation allows us to attract the very best in the industry, allowing us to provide you the ultimate in service. We are confident that we can connect you with the housekeeper who will perfectly meet your needs.

Contact Dana’s Housekeeping for Your Housekeeping Needs

All you need to get the properties you represent showcase ready is to contact the your local Dana’s Housekeeping office. Once we create your profile, we will connect you with the perfect housekeeper for you. We look forward to hearing from you.