Keep Your Home Clean with Dana’s Housekeeping

Imagine your home looking pristine: every surface, every nook and cranny, cleaned to perfection. With Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service, you can make this vision your reality. Our referral agency has a local office near you, staffed with a manager that will assist you in finding the housekeeper who can best meet your individual needs and expectations. Our local office manager will be your account manager and will always be available to personally assist you. In operation since 1976, we are backed by a long history of happy clients and have the largest network of domestic workers in the state of California. We are confident that your Dana’s account manager will find the housekeeper who is the perfect fit for you. Make your life easier by contacting us at Dana’s Housekeeping.

Why Do You, as a Homeowner, Need a Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your home is a large task. It takes a lot of time and effort — especially when you are completing a detailed cleaning. It is also a job that feels as though it is never complete; the moment you think you are done, a new mess appears — and back to work you go. All you want is a home that is clean and organized, but it feels like you are constantly chasing this ideal without ever actually catching it.

Dana’s Housekeeping takes you out of the race and puts you at the finish line, where you deserve to be. You get to have a home that is tidy, fresh, and stress-free without needing to take on the task yourself. The moment you walk into your home and do not feel the weight of a cleaning to-do list on your shoulders, you will wonder how you were ever able to survive without the help of our life-changing service. Instead of planning the next task you must tackle, you will be able to sit down and relax. Finally you will have precious time to devote to projects that matter to you — projects that build your family or move your life forward. There will be no more fighting over chores, no more stressing about getting the house clean before hosting guests, and no more sacrificing time with family and friends so you can get your home back into shape. Instead, your home will become the sanctuary that you have always dreamt it could be.

How Can Dana’s Housekeeping Help You?

Whatever cleaning service you require, we can ensure that you receive it from a housekeeper who is talented and dedicated to their job. Dana’s registered housekeepers can complete the tasks one would expect, but they are also able to provide services that go above and beyond what typical cleaning services offer.

In addition to tidying your home, they can provide detailed cleaning, ensuring that even your cupboards and appliances are free of dust and dirt. For homes with allergy sufferers, they can use your special green products to complete detailed, green cleaning to help you breathe more easily. If your patio or garage needs special attention, we can connect you with a cleaner who will take care of business for you. Many homeowners need help with dishes, laundry, ironing, and changing linens; we will ensure that the housekeeper we refer you can take care of these tasks for you. Many of our registered housekeepers are also excellent at organizing, and would be happy to help you with your pantry, closets, and more.

We are also able to connect you with workers who can complete other domestic tasks. Our registered housekeepers can assist at parties you host as servers and cleaners. They can also meet repair and delivery personnel at your home so you can be assured that their presence is supervised, and they can even run your errands and complete your shopping for you. If there is a task to be done that could make your life easier, we have a competent professional who can help you with it.

And because our local offices have been established throughout California for decades, we have housekeepers who will work around your schedule and our rates are easy on your budget. We have housekeepers that can clean on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis as well as those who are happy to pop in for a one-time visit. The housekeepers will work from your priority list, at a convenient time in your schedule, on any recurring schedule or on an as-needed basis, and all for a very competitive price without any long-term contracts.

What Makes Dana’s Housekeeping Special?

There are many things that we feel make Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service special. We are the largest housekeeping referral agency network in California, as well as one of the oldest. We believe that the service we offer is the most professional available to you, as well as the most affordable and convenient. However, what we believe truly sets us apart from the rest is the individualized service we provide.

Finding the right housekeeper is important; you need someone who meets your expectations, makes you feel comfortable, and can perfectly address your needs. When you come to us, we work to make sure we fully understand what you require from a housekeeper and match you with the person that is right for you. Thanks to our local office managers and their knowledge of, and relationship with, the housekeepers they refer, it is easy for us to connect you with someone that fits your expectations and lifestyle. Your happiness is always our top priority.

If you need someone who works well around children or has that special touch with pets, we can help. If you need a housekeeper who can complete detailed cleaning to reduce allergies, we can help. If you need a worker who can run errands and help simplify your life, we can help. Whatever you require, we have a professional, competent, and dedicated worker to send to your home. You set the tasks and the priorities; the housekeeper will work within your set expectations.

Contact Dana’s Housekeeping for Your Housekeeping Needs

All you need to do to be on your way to a cleaner, healthier, and more relaxing home is give us a call. Once we have the chance to learn about you and your needs, we will work to find the housekeeper with the best fit and send the perfect housekeeper to your home. We look forward to hearing from you.